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Next to us, a whole universe of a new world is being born - the virtual one.
This world is characterized by the huge speed of communication of everyone with everyone with the help of digital tools of interaction.
Our international Internet media resource "Digital Universe" is about this.
It is an independent media outlet in the b2c (business to consumer) market.
Through the eyes of experts, we popularly reveal all aspects of the development of the digital world for our readers.
Here you will find professional answers to your questions related to digital technologies, cryptocurrency and finance.


Our Vision

  1. Everyday penetration of information technology and cryptocurrencies into real life
  2. Spontaneous but rapid development of the digital market
  3. Lack of centralized digital market resources
  4. Evolution of business from physical to virtual interaction
  5. The need for new knowledge, skills, information, tools

All these factors prompted the creation of the Digital Universe Internet media resource.



Convergence of digital and real worlds

  • Explain how it works in practice

What benefit can be derived from this

  • Show examples from life

Digital exchange

  • Suggest real world application

Digital interaction of people and objects

  • Create your digital touchpoint


Our principles

  1. Relevance
  2. Objectivity
  3. Reliability
  4. Professionalism
  5. foresight
  6. Validity
  7. Practicality
  8. Consistency
  9. purposefulness
  10. Efficiency


Market analysis

• Statista and Mordor Intellegence provide forecasts for the full range of products and services in the digital marketplace, including both mainstream and innovative digital technologies. The market size as of 2021 is estimated by them at $1 - $1.3 trillion US dollars. Forecast for 2025 - $2.23 - $2.8 trillion.

• Consulting company ABI Research predicts that the market for industrial digital twins will grow from $3.5 billion in 2021 to $33.9 billion in 2030. These figures correspond to an average annual growth rate of 29%.

• ABI Research believes that by 2026, the global adoption rate of digital twins will reach 34.9%, which corresponds to the support of more than 10 million manufacturing workers. Currently, the United States is leading in the implementation of digital twins and the volume of products manufactured using them. However, China could overtake the US in this area by 2024.

• Analysts at the Indian consulting company Fortune Business Insights expect the blockchain industry to explode. They are confident that with an average annual growth rate of 55.8%, the blockchain market will reach $104 trillion by 2028. • Citibank analysts predict that the total addressable market in the metaverse could reach $13 trillion by 2030 with up to 5 billion users. Achieving this market size will require significant investment in infrastructure. In particular, the metaverse will require an increase in computing power more than a thousand times compared to the current level.

• Bankers assume that users of the metaverse will settle among themselves through various forms of cryptocurrencies, digital currencies of central banks and stablecoins.


Project team
Experienced practitioners who have implemented a number of serious IT projects (mass media, global IT platforms, own cryptocurrencies, etc.).
Experts in the field:

  • economics and finance;
  • personnel and personnel;
  • information technologies;
  • international law;
  • management of media holdings;
  • government controlled.

Benefits for website visitors

  1. Single source of information about the digital market from around the world
  2. Latest digital market news from around the world
  3. Expert forecasts about changes in the digital market
  4. Tips and tricks for working in the digital market
  5. Offers from digital market participants
  6. Search for partners and personnel for digital market projects
  7. Educational programs for digital market participants
  8. Calendar of digital market events around the world
  9. Assistance in supporting digital market projects
  10. Additional services for individual orders of visitors to the resource.


We are open to cooperation!

If you have questions, suggestions, interesting topics for coverage, do not waste time - contact us in any way convenient for you.
You can use the Feedback form on the site without leaving the resource.

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